What You Need to Know About Menstrual Cups in the News

What You Need to Know About Menstrual Cups in the News

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The beloved menstrual cup recently got a little love and attention from the media! Here at nixit, we couldn’t be more excited! We're talkin' bout The New York Times & BBC News!

A new paper, recently published in The Lancet Public Health, drew on data from 43 studies involving 3,319 participants around the world . This was the first comprehensive analysis of menstrual cups to date.

The authors of the article share insights and key takeaways about the use of menstrual cups in today's day and age.

The Details

Here are all the juicy details:

Menstrual Cups Are Effective

Menstrual cups are effective at catching your flow according to the data reviewed as part of the analysis.

The article goes on to explain that menstrual cups are also effective at preventing leaks. Possibly even more effective than pads and tampons!

While you're probably not surprised by this information it’s exciting for anyone who is curious about trying a menstrual cup but has reservations because of a heavy flow.

Menstrual Cups Are Safe

If you’ve ever wondered whether the menstrual cup is safe, worry no more.

The new analysis explains that there is no increased risk of infection and that vaginal flora didn’t change for cups users. This is good news for women who struggle with pH imbalances that can cause difficulty with itching, burning, and abnormal discharge.

Issues with cervical damage or tissue damage weren’t identified as problematic for menstrual cup users and the risk of developing toxic shock syndrome (TSS) while using a menstrual cup was also very low.

Learning Curve

If you’re a seasoned menstrual cup user then you’re probably aware of the learning curve.

The Lancet article explained that using a menstrual cup is often a bit of a challenge in the early days. At first, users might be surprised by the size of the menstrual cup. Difficulty with proper insertion, suctioning, and positioning is also common.

On the bright side, menstrual cups like nixit stay in place without the need for suction and users report they are barely noticeable once inserted.

In our experience, most women get comfortable using their nixit menstrual cup after just 3 cycles. Which means investing your time is totally worth it.

Despite the learning curve, 70% of women reported they would continue using it.

Menstrual Cups in the News

This newsworthy article leaves the nixit team feeling hopeful that the media attention will lead to menstrual cups becoming more widely used and talked about.

Now we’re curious about what you think... have menstrual cups come up as a topic of discussion in your circle?

Photo by Branden Harvey on Unsplash

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