The Best Menstrual Disc for an Active Lifestyle

The Best Menstrual Disc for an Active Lifestyle

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Whether you consider yourself an athlete or prefer to move your body more casually, this one’s for you.

It’s no secret, exercising during your period can alleviate period-related symptoms like cramping and bloating, not to mention the mood-boosting endorphins.

If you’ve ever thought, “if only I could run away from the frequent pad or tampon changes. And the discomfort most period products generously offer. And the cost of disposable period products,” keep reading.

Allow us to introduce you to our reusable, movement-friendly disc-style menstrual cup .

Pads and tampons are often irritating during movement, and who has the time and space for pads and pad changes when you’re on a long run? (Seriously, you know most running shorts have tiny pockets.)

And now you’re wondering, “can I really wear a menstrual disc and have an intense workout?”

The short answer is ‘yes’ but we’ll let Mindy share her review.

“I got the birthday reminder email saying that Nixit had been around for 3 years and thought, geez, I must have been an early customer. I checked my emails - yup! I bought mine on 2/19/20 and have used it every cycle since then. Like many others, I have a small collection of other cups that worked but were never comfortable or easy to remove, but Nixit is the one that’s right for me.

It is comfortable and I do almost forget that I’m having my period. There is a bit of a learning curve on removing it (without making a mess) that I’m sure each woman has to determine for herself, but once you get the position and angle of retrieval, it’s easy. Cleaning it is easy (both during and between periods) and it’s durable.

I exercise (yoga, hiking and CrossFit) and have never had a problem with it leaking. It’s great for those 15+ mile hike days where I’m out all day with not a latrine or sink in site.

Sometimes I wonder how much easier my teen and early adult life would have been or how much waste I could have eliminated over the years with this product. It’s the product I use and plan to use until I don’t need it any longer.”

Mindy R.

nixit menstrual cup

Benefits of Menstrual Discs for People Who Exercise

Here are four reasons exercising with a menstrual disc is great for active people.


a person stretching

Unlike traditional menstrual cups, disc-style cups sit comfortably under the cervix and hold themselves in place behind the pubic bone.

Thus, it can easily adapt to your body movement braving even the most intense workouts.

In fact, we intentionally made ours in one size so you don’t have to keep buying different cup sizes depending on your age or experience. Nix the extra time and coins.

Imagine not having to stop and think every time you change yoga poses or switch dance moves. Even swimmers can enjoy numerous laps across the pool without worrying about strings being pulled out.

No matter how intense you want to go, your nixit disc is ready for your active lifestyle.


A person sitting on a rock, watching sunset

For hikers and campers, treks and adventures can sometimes take up a good part of your day. There’s nothing more annoying than constantly needing to seek out a restroom or private tree.

Our menstrual disc works perfectly because you can set it and forget it for up to 12 hours. When the time comes to remove it, rinse it with bottled water or use our wipes, and then reinsert it. No extra waste!

Don’t just take our word for it, one of our happy customers spent seven days on Kilimanjaro… on her period. Here’s how the nixit disc made a difference.

“Having your period for the entire time you’re climbing a mountain is nothing shy of a major bummer, but using the nixit made all the difference in the world. You have to carry all your trash for the entire 7 days so if nothing else, I can’t imagine having had to carry a week’s worth of used tampons and liners. I opted for the disc and some absorbent underwear for minor mishaps and it made it so manageable. There weren’t toilets available for a good portion of the trek so this was an absolute game changer. ”

Time Trials

people running a marathon

Picture this: you’re running a marathon trying to set a new record.

You don’t have a moment to waste thinking about your period, let alone switching out a tampon.

We recommend getting comfortable inserting nixit before your period so that you can nail it on the big day. If you find the disc is slipping from behind your pubic bone, remove it and try it again in a deep squat or standing with one leg up.

Once you’ve practiced, you should be able to insert within seconds and get on with your day.

Person stretching on yoga mat

If you're in a sport that can cause chafing in the vulva area like cycling, inserted products like discs will eliminate an extra layer rubbing against you.

And whether you're cycling on a light or heavy flow day, our disc collects 70ml of period blood giving you one less thing to worry about. However, if you’re starting out, wear period undies for added support.

Additionally, correct insertion can prevent leakage altogether. It may take a few tries but once you learn how to tuck the disc behind the pubic bone, you’re good to go.

Luckily we have a couple of guides to help you adapt to using the nixit disc:

If you need extra help, reach out to us at so we can troubleshoot with you.

“I have experienced a variety of reusable menstrual products and the Nixit disc is by far the most comfortable and easy to use! I was hesitant at first but after 3 cycles with it I can confidently say it’s my favourite; super easy to get into place, stays in place and once it’s there I don’t even notice it. I’ve used this product during exercise, camping and hiking adventures. It is wonderful, highly recommend.”

Serena G.

Benefits of the Nixit Menstrual Cup

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Our menstrual cup is 100% made of FDA-approved medical-grade silicone (it’s also authorized for sale by Health Canada!). Why does this matter?

  • Silicone is non-porous and therefore resists bacterial growth (unlike absorbent tampons which can create a breeding ground for bacteria)

  • It doesn’t contain bleaches, absorbency gels or deodorizers.

The Best Menstrual Disc for an Active Lifestyle

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We know you want the freedom to go for light or intensive workouts whenever you feel like without having to plan around your period.

Whether you’re gearing up for weight training, a run or the ironman challenge, menstrual discs just might be the answer to your period prayers.

With their 12-hour use time, double rim protection and no stem, a nixit menstrual disc could become your must-have piece of workout equipment.

“I have been using the cup now for 4 cycles and I am in love. I made the switch to reusable products back in 2018 and I kept having issues with the traditional cup. No matter what I did, I would always leak. I would just have to wear extra protection and pray that I didn’t leak when it really mattered…like at the gym!

Well, nixit is a game changer!! I no longer have to worry about leaking! I can exercise without the dread of feeling a drip as soon as you bend down or lunge! Ladies…are you feeling me?!!

It’s easy to insert, it looks scary at first but its very flexible so don’t freak out!

Did I mention there’s no suction so you don’t feel any pain when it’s in! Amazing!!!!

This is definitely the cup I’ve been searching for!

Just try it, you will not regret”



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