Nixit Menstrual Cup & 5 Reasons You’ll Love It

Nixit Menstrual Cup & 5 Reasons You’ll Love It

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Menstrual Cup Musings

The average woman has about 450 periods in her life, give or take a few bleeds.

That's a lot of blood if you ask me.

Every month, as you peruse the feminine hygiene aisle at your local superstore the idea of using a menstrual cup probably crosses your mind. Maybe you've seen one on the shelf.

If you're like me then at some point curiosity probably got the best of you and you decided you had to try one! The benefits of a reusable cup are pretty much endless. Right?

So you bought your first menstrual cup. Tried it out. And promptly gave up on mission impossible because it felt weird up in there!

A few months later you channeled your inner Brenè Brown, got brave and decided to try again. This time with the help of your pal, Youtube.

The idea of the cup was great but there were so many things that just didn't feel right. The size, stem, and suction all seemed problematic.

nixit Menstrual Cup

Then one day, as I scrolled through my beloved Instagram, nixit popped up.

This cup was intriguing because it clearly looked different than the others and I had to try it!

I'm going to share the top 5 reasons the nixit menstrual cup is going to be your period bestie every cycle from now on.

1. nixit Menstrual Cup's Unique Design

nixit is circular, soft, and suction-free. You won't feel any weird stem or string while it's in because it doesn't have one!

It's easy to insert no matter what shape or size you are!

And you can nix your worries about getting it out. I promise you your muscles down there are strong enough to push your menstrual cup out when it comes time to empty it!

If you want to see an awesome video on how to use it click here.

2. Simplicity

Forget having to lug around a bag full of pads & tampons! Set it and forget it is how nixit rolls.

Whether you're headed out of the country on an overseas flight or working a 12-hour shift nixit has your back.

Yep, you read that right, nixit offers 12 hours of protection!

By carrying one little cup many of your period difficulties will be solved.

On a side-note, you might like to know that some women report less annoying period symptoms like intense cramping, bloating, and more because menstrual cups collect blood rather than absorb it.

3. Functionality

Sex, swimming, exercise, and everything in between. nixit is the most functional menstrual cup around.

Because of nixit's unique shape and positioning inside the body you can rest assured that you can do all the things without worrying about an embarrassing mess.

4. Better for You & the Environment

nixit is vegan and made from medical grade silicone. No plastic or other weird ingredients that you need to worry about.

Not to mention all of the ways that nixit benefits the environment. Think fewer tampons and pads in the landfill every single month that you use nixit!

5. Great Value

nixit is meant to be used cycle after cycle. Buy one and you're pretty much covered. Although there are benefits to having a few nixit's laying around so you don't get caught without one!

That obviously means it's a great value for your hard-earned cash considering a box of tampons will run you 5+ dollars per month.

nixit - Set It & Forget It

If you’re looking for a stem-free, plastic-free, and overall awesome menstrual cup that’s free of any other ingredients, then this is the cup for you.

It’s been called the comfiest menstrual cup around, and many people say they can't even feel it! It's awesome because it fits more like a disc but unlike most period discs, is reusable!

The best thing about nixit is the freedom you will gain not having to head to the bathroom every few hours during your moon time.

The power is in your hands and you get to decide which period products make the most sense for your life. But IMHO I couldn't be happier with my nixit menstrual cup!

As someone who is empowered, what trusted period products will you reach for over the course of your next 2-3-400 periods?

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