Live More Sustainably With These 5 Simple Tips!

Live More Sustainably With These 5 Simple Tips!

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2020 has been… eventful, to say the least. We think it’s safe to assume that everyone reading this has evolved in some measure, whether big or small, this past year (yay you - we’re cheering you on!).

With so many global shifts and changes taking place, we believe in the importance of looking inward. We are big believers in the importance of y-o-u, individuality, and of course mother earth! Every individual effort counts for more than you might think.

With the start of a new year, we are reconnecting with sustainability once again, and want to reevaluate how we can change the world, with simple, small changes that have BIG impacts. We understand that it isn’t easy to make huge lifestyle shifts overnight, so we came up with some simple ideas that are immediately implementable.

Whether you start small, or with a bang, we’re excited about the effect we could have. Here are our top sustainable lifestyle tips:

1. Start shopping local, instead of online.

Understand where the things you buy are coming from - shopping local not only enables your local economy to flourish but also cuts down on your carbon footprint. Your goods are no longer traveling across the world to get to you! This also gets you out in your community with friendly faces (at a social distance, of course!) - there is no denying the power of connection!

2. Buy second hand, mend, upcycle, and donate.

You’ve probably heard about the perils of the fast fashion industry . A simple and powerful way to combat this is to start thrift shopping instead. You can find thrift shops in your city, or look for some online. Here’s some more reading on dressing greener. Even better, these ideas can be applied to more than just fashion. Furniture, fashion accessories, house decor… the list goes on!

3. Switch to reusable personal and household items.

Think about every item in your house that is disposable. Tissue papers? Counter cleaners? Coffee filters? Tampons? There are sustainable alternatives for all of these (and more). Consider switching to napkins, cloth squares, or old clothing for cleaning, steel, mesh, or coffee filters to cotton rounds, and menstrual cups ( nixit can help with that!). You can even switch to recycled toilet paper. Here’s a list of sustainable beauty tools you could switch to. Imagine NEVER accidentally running out of tampons or coffee filters! However, before you run to the shop to buy new “greener” alternatives, remember, less is more. Can you repurpose something you already have? Do you really need a silicone baking mat, or will a little oil do the trick?

4. Make sure that the disposable items you are buying are compostable.

This, of course, has the greatest impact if you have a garden or some houseplants yourself. However, even if you don’t these are still great swaps to make. If you find yourself unable to replace, say, garbage bags or the like, try to find a compostable alternative. A simple search online can help you narrow down sustainable options. You can find compostable utensils and dish ware, compostable garbage bags, and even compostable pet bedding. Seek these out boldly and you might be surprised at the things you find!

5. Eat more plant-based food.

Plants really do have solutions to all your dietary needs. Protein, calcium, sugars, along with all your vitamins. Apart from being one of the healthiest food choices available, having a plant diet actively reduces your carbon footprint. Experts say that eating plant-based food is one of the most sustainable lifestyle shifts you can make! You can read more about this here .

No matter where you are on your sustainability journey, know that it counts. Remember that as long as you continue making these shifts, there will be reduced waste, saved water, and lessened greenhouse gas emissions, as a result of your choices!

That’s all from us today. If you’d like to read more about this, with some suggestions on going plastic-free by starting in your bathroom, here’s a list of simple swaps.

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