How to Find a Good Menstrual Cup for Your Heavy Flow

How to Find a Good Menstrual Cup for Your Heavy Flow

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The frequent pad or tampon changes.

The potential leakage through your favourite pair of pants in public.

Sleepless nights in Seattle, Toronto, London or anywhere you spend the night.

The need to practically live next to a toilet for comfort’s sake. Meaning, you’re often away from work, school, dates, and hangouts during your period.

In the (paraphrased) words of Linkin Park, we’re holding on but everything literally feels so… heavy.

After several tries, it can be hard to imagine a menstrual product for your heavy flow, but we’re here to let you know a disc-shaped menstrual cup just might change your entire life.

And not just any, but our nixit menstrual cup, a larger disc-shaped device holding up to 70ml of blood at a time.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what Laura has to say,

“After 37 years of having a heavy period, it takes some getting used to. I was nervous that I would stain my white velvet office chair, but I successfully (and fairly comfortably) avoided any leaking! Yay!

The only time I found the cup uncomfortable was on days 5 and 6 when my flow was light and the cup was noticeable—probably just need to practice a bit more. Overall very happy and will continue with my Nixit.

P.S yes, you will get blood on your hands-no biggie, it’s yours and it washes off;)”

- Laura. M.

How Heavy Is Heavy?

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A heavy flow is definitely not your average period so we really empathize with your struggle.

According to the National Health Service , you may have a heavy period if you:

  • Have to change your pad or tampon every 1 to 2 hours, or often empty your menstrual cup earlier than the 12 hour-mark

  • Always have to use two types of menstrual products together like tampons and pads

  • Have a flow that goes beyond seven days

  • Often bleed through to your clothes or bedding

  • Need time off work because of your periods

Yet, this is all very subjective.

The truth is, it’s difficult to know how much blood you're losing when using a pad or tampon, but a very heavy flow may be over 60ml.

With a menstrual cup, you'll know the exact amount because you know the cup's full capacity.

Better yet, our nixit menstrual disc is a soft cup that holds up to 70ml of menstrual fluid, making it one of the best and most reliable cups for heavy periods out there.

Also unlike other cups, our disc naturally sits in place—think of it as a basin where your blood collects hassle-free. Plus, you won’t even notice it’s there.

But wait, cup, disc, cup, disc… what’s the difference?

Best Menstrual Cups: Menstrual Disc vs Menstrual Cup

Both menstrual cups and discs are period products designed to collect menstrual fluid, but their designs and mechanism in the body differ.

Just take a look at the difference in placement.

<best menstrual cup> <period cup><a half moon shape>

A disc provides the added bonus of self-emptying when using the toilet and this is a plus when you have a heavy period. This means you can empty the contents of your nixit without having to fully remove it.

Here are some of the key differences between the nixit disc and most menstrual cups.



CAPACITY 70ml 10 -30ml
PRODUCT LIFETIME Up to 5 years Varies from 1 - 10 years
MATERIALS 100% medical grade silicone Varies based on brand
SIZE One-Size Varies based on brand
WHERE IT SITS Vaginal Fornix Vaginal Canal
CERTIFICATIONS FDA registered, authorized for sale by Health Canada Varies based on brand

Choosing the Right Disc

<higher capacity> <size cup> <large cups> <period panties> <period undies> <period underwear>

Here are three things you should consider when choosing a disc for heavy flow.

Minimum to No Leakage

Not only is nixit a bigger menstrual cup but it’s also a flexible cup with a thick rim that ensures added protection so your period is leak-free.

Additionally, because nixit offers 12 hours of protection at a time, you don’t have to keep waking up to change it. No more sleepless nights in (insert your current location).

Finally, with a nixit you can comfortably exercise and even enjoy sex without worrying about mess.

Notice any leakage? It must not be inserted securely!

Take the cup out and try to reinsert it, making sure it covers your entire cervix before ensuring that it is tucked up snug behind your pubic bone.

Easy Insertion

Most cups sit in the vaginal canal and use suction to stay in place but our nixit cup holds itself in place naturally.

It’s also about the same size as a regular tampon when squeezed for insertion, so it's easy to insert no matter your shape or size.

This is no coincidence.

At nixit, we have chosen a one-size-fits-all approach by picking a diameter (70mm) and volume (70ml) that meets the average body.

For high-cervix users, the best menstrual disc is one with a diameter greater than 65mm but with our cup, it doesn’t matter whether you have a high or low cervix.

The trick is to insert it correctly and we show you how to do so here.

Comfort Is Key

When choosing the best menstrual cups for a heavy period, fit is everything. You want reusable menstrual cups that can work for different needs.

Comfort isn’t only about bodily fit but freedom. Our disc is small enough to fit into a variety of bags and since it can be used for up to 12 hours, it’s the perfect travel buddy.

In fact, we love to keep a nixit menstrual cup at work, one at home and one in our bag so that we’re always secured.

As with everything, there is a learning curve so we’ve also prepared a detailed guide on how to adapt to the nixit cup during the first three months here.

“I can genuinely say nixit is hands down the most versatile period product I have ever used and the best one I have tried so far. I have utilized it in various situations, and it has passed every single test. I have worn it both with and without an IUD while pulling a long shift at work and during high-intensity workout sessions. Nixit works well for me because it is actually leak-free, is a large capacity cup, and is an environmentally friendly alternative to the more traditional menstrual products on the market”.

- Sophie G.

Fit over capacity always, but having both is even better. Who said period nirvana doesn’t exist?

Frequently Asked Questions About a Menstrual Cup for Heavy Flow

<right cup> <current cup>

Can I Know for Sure the Nixit Cup Will Work Before Buying One?

We hear you, you want to invest in a cup that will work for the long haul.

We encourage you to read through our reviews for first-hand experiences from people just like yourself.

There are over 5000 reviews and you can search according to various metrics like:

  • Age range

  • Type of flow

  • Leaks

  • Cycle

  • Suction

Another consideration is practice.

You may think the disc doesn’t work for you after one or two tries, but it’s probably due to the wrong placement. After all, disc insertion is completely different than traditional cups or tampons, so we don’t expect you to nail it right away. Our three-month guide is here to help you adjust.

You’re not alone, we mean it. If you experience any difficulty or have any questions please get in touch with us at

I’m New to Menstrual Cups, What If it Gets Stuck?

Since the nixit cup doesn’t use suction to stay in place, once you tuck your finger under the rim and pull, it should easily slide out.

You can also gently bear down and squeeze your pelvic muscles to help push the cup out a bit if needed.

And remember, practice makes perfect, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

For more beginner insights, check out Menstrual Disc A to Z Beginner Guide.

Are Menstrual Cups Painful?

Menstrual cups shouldn’t be painful. Different at first, maybe, but not painful.

Over time, our users have come up with five techniques (scroll down) that help them with insertion:

  • The wheel method

  • The thumb method

  • The sideways method

  • Just breathe

  • Two hands

Try out these different styles and let us know what works for you or what new technique you come up with.

What Is the Best Menstrual Cup for Heavy Flow?

<best menstrual cup> <menstrual cups good> <best cup> <tight seal>

To summarize, here are five reasons why we think nixit is the best menstrual cup.

  1. Our menstrual cup holds up to 70 ml of fluid—that’s over four times what the best tampon can absorb—and since it holds itself in place you don’t feel a thing.

  2. Disc-shaped menstrual cups like nixit can be self-emptied without fully removing while using the toilet.

  3. nixit is reusable and lasts up to five years, saving you money and trips to the pharmacy!

  4. When inserted correctly, you should experience no leaking with nixit— allowing you to live your life stress-free.

  5. We’ve designed a super soft, supple, and comfortable menstrual product that won’t add to the inconvenience of having a heavy flow.

Yes, there’s a learning curve but once you master your cycle and how often you need to change it, we hope you won’t look back.

“I was using a conventional menstrual cup for a few years, but nixit is a total game-changer. I was a bit worried about the size of the cup and whether it would hold still, but it works perfectly. I am also amazed by the fact that it allows for mess-free period sex, which made me discover new sensations and helped me to get more confident about my body. I recommend nixit to all my friends who are menstruating, people need to know what they're missing! I also found the period education and blog posts on the nixit website really helpful.”

- Nadia L.


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